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  • Hot Budget Tabs
    31st August 2014 No Comments

    There are a lot of Tabs flooding the Market and as he competition increases the price are coming down gradually in the range of Mobile Phone

    While the Companies like Apple and Samsung are keeping the rates stil high and out of reach for most customers , There are lot of good Quality Tabs one can go for.

    We would show some of the Quality Tablets out in market which can be yours in your Budget

    1. Digiflip Pro


    DigiFlip Pro Tab

    Its been showing up on Flipkart lately and can give serious competition in the Tab Markets

    With sleek Design , Intel Core and Android KITKAT , the rate Starts from 8999.  The Higher End also Supports 3G and Calling 

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  • Its the Era of Robots and Automation
    24th August 2013 No Comments
    I will start with a Wiki Definition of Robotics below
    Robotics is the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots,as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. These technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance, behavior, and/or cognition. Many of today's robots are inspired by nature contributing to the field of bio-inspired robotics.
    The concept of creating machines that can operate autonomously dates back to classical times, but research into the functionality and potential uses of robots did not grow substantially until the 20th century.Throughout history, robotics has been often seen to mimic human behavior, and often manage tasks in a similar fashion. Today, robotics is a rapidly growing field, as technological advances continue, research, design, and building new robots serve various practical purposes, whether domestically, commercially, or militarily. Many robots do jobs that are hazardous to people such as defusing bombs, mines and exploring shipwrecks.
    And then with the Wiki Definition of Automation….
    Automation or automatic control, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching in telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some processes have been completely automated.
    The biggest benefit of automation is that it saves labor, however, it is also used to save energy and materials and to improve quality, accuracy and precision.
    The term automation, inspired by the earlier word automatic (coming from automaton), was not widely used before 1947, when General Motors established the automation department.It was during this time that industry was rapidly adopting feedback controllers, which were introduced in the 1930s.
    Automation has been achieved by various means including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic and computers, usually in combination. Complicated systems, such as modern factories, airplanes and ships typically use all these combined techniques.
    Needless to say , Its the Hot Topic of the Century and we will be bring you insights into more of Robotics and Automation and as usual some Hands On Stuff
    Stay Tuned !!!!!
  • To Boldly Go where no Man has gone before.
    14th July 2013 No Comments

    Man has ever been researching and inventing since it came on Earth.

    Till now , he has unmasked many secrets that has clouded humanity , developed many cures , found out new methods , elements and ways things can happen

    Our This Subsection focuses on thses inventions , ongoing research and how World is Changing every Second with these innovations

    We would bring you facts that would not believe but are happening and true.

    Stay Tuned !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gadgets..
    14th July 2013 No Comments

    Gadgets… for everything… They have become a companion we cant live without.

    Whatever we want to do , there is a gadget to make our life simpler , and The Comminunications World has been engulfed with their presence and connecting millions across the globe 

    We at Techamor , Understand the importance of knowing what is in the Market , and how it can help you achieve your goals in terms of hapiness , productivity and ofcourse , FUN !!!!!

    We would be posting here , latest in Market and What to buy and what to Stay away with.

    Reviews and Suggestions and Some Facts you wont know from Anywhere

    Stay Tuned !!!!!!!

  • The Growth of Storage
    25th August 2012 No Comments

    An Article from ComputerWorld , Original Link  http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9194283/Data_growth_remains_IT_s_biggest_challenge_Gartner_says

    Data growth is the biggest data center hardware infrastructure challenge for large enterprises, according to a new survey by research firm Gartner Inc.

    According to Gartner, 47% of the respondents to a survey conducted over the summer ranked data growth in their top three challenges. With spending returning to more normal levels after a couple of down years because of the economy, 62% said they plan to expand hardware capacity at existing data centers by the end of 2011; 30% plan to build entirely new data centers.

    "As the global economy begins to revive in 2010 and organizations start to shift focus to a return to growth, IT organizations will be challenged to support the various growth initiatives," said Naveen Mishra, principal research analyst at Gartner.

    Last year, Mishra said, many data center managers were forced to defer infrastructure upgrades and extend technology refresh cycles. As a result, those same managers are now hampered with an aging infrastructure or, in some cases, product obsolescence.

    "Vendors wishing to tap into this reopening market should propose infrastructure solutions that are high in efficiency and offer scalability as the demand grows, thus helping the companies to prepare for a return to growth," he said.

    The survey took place between June and August and involved IT staffers from 1,004 large enterprises in eight countries.

    In addition to concerns about data growth, 37% of those surveyed named system performance and scalability as the second biggest challenge for them in the coming year, with 36% citing network congestion and connectivity issues.

    "While all the top data center hardware infrastructure challenges impact cost to some degree, data growth is particularly associated with increased costs relative to hardware, software, associated maintenance, administration and services," April Adams, research director at Gartner, said in a statement.

  • Fraud Prevention Program
    21st April 2012 No Comments

    Fraud is any intentional act committed to secure an unfair or unlawful gain. Fraud is generally defined as an intentionally false representation about a material point, which causes a victim to suffer harm. It is always intentional, intentional by appearance, or intentional by inference from the act. Fraud as an aspect of corruption normally happens

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  • Operating Systems of Future
    20th April 2012 No Comments

    Ever thought of what Operating Systems will be like in future?For predicting future, we always have to look at present, because our present decides our future.Operating systems started with Disk operating system which was single user,Character User Interface operating system.Unix was created by some geeks to provide multiuser interface.GUI based OS was produced in large

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  • Web 2.0 to Web 3.0:Search Prespective
    20th April 2012 No Comments

    The Internet contains a plethora of information. The Web has evolved rapidly, started in 1991 by Tim burners Lee ,the Web 1.0 which had simple browers,dial up connections and low bandwidth paved the way for Web 2.0 having improved browsers, broadband connections, the advent of search engines.. Search engines were a revolution and redefined the

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  • IT Channel Management
    3rd March 2012 No Comments

    IT supply chain is small. In IT many times the product/service is directly provided by the original equipment manufacturer to the end customer.Sometimes, there is atmost one Intermediary between the OEM and the end customer. So, in short sales channel in IT is simple. Whereas, in other industries like Fast Moving Consumer Goods the sales

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  • Why Switch from Domino to Exchange
    25th January 2012 No Comments

    Microsoft and IBM are two main competitors in Enterprise Collaboration Tools Market with their Exchange/Communicator and  Domino/Sametime Respectively.

    While the users opinion on which is better varies, we thought of getting what Microsoft has to say

    Below is an article about why you may want to switch from IBM to Microsoft

    The link to article is http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/2010/vi/vn/notes.aspx

    Why switch from Lotus Domino/Notes to Exchange 2010?

    Now more than ever, organizations need adaptable and cost-effective communication tools. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 helps you achieve new levels of reliability and performance by delivering features that simplify administration, help protect communications, and delight users by meeting their demands for greater business mobility. Microsoft Exchange, the cornerstone of the Microsoft Unified Communications solution, has long been the choice of organizations to support rich and productive collaboration among its users. With the latest release of Exchange, users are assured the widest range of deployment options, the richest user experience, and integrated protection and compliance capabilities for their information. These features combine to form the best messaging and collaboration solution available. Come join the almost 13 million strong who have decided to switch to Microsoft in the past few years to take advantage of rich capabilities, reduction in costs, and better total cost of ownership across our platform!

    Flexible and Reliable

    Because of pressure to optimize your IT infrastructure for ever-changing economic conditions, you must be agile and invest in solutions that provide you and your organization with choice. Exchange Server 2010 gives you the flexibility to tailor your deployment to your unique needs and provides a simplified way to help keep e-mail continuously available for your users.

  • WAN Optimization
    4th December 2011 No Comments

    WAN optimization is a collection of techniques for increasing data-transfer efficiencies across wide area networks. WAN can be optimized by these techniques: Web Caching: Web Caching can be achieved by the use of proxy server.The proxy-server keeps  the frequently requested pages  in the cache , requested from the external web server.So,next time when the request

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  • Drupal Modules to make a good Website
    27th September 2011 No Comments

      Drupal is a popular php based content management system.It gives you power to develop quick websites and also enough flexibility to customize websites according to your needs.Apart from core modules (modules are piece of code which extends Drupal’s functionality)which are an integral part of a Drupal Installation.There are a few modules which give you

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  • Enterprise IT sales
    16th September 2011 No Comments

    You cannot mint money from the technology unless you understand the business perspective of it.I have made a product , but then I must find a market segment for my product and position it well  to the different buyers.I will have to offer a right product-price mix to my customer to sell the product.Any enterprise

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  • Global Positioning System
    16th September 2011 No Comments

    GPS  or Global Positing System allows you to locate any position in the world by the use of satellite.GPS can help you to locate a friends address or your favourite restaurant near you or a movie cinema.GPS operates by the use of radio waves. To understand GPS better it  can be divided into these three

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  • The Online Replacement
    8th September 2011 No Comments

    In around 1980’s when computer came , we had operating systems like DOS and Unix which provided users with Character User Interface.The windows operating system came up with the Graphical User Interface and came with easy way of accessing programs & applications. This was the era of desktop based software.In 1990, Tim Burners Lee created

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  • Interbank Mobile Payment Service
    26th July 2011 No Comments

      Few years back, majority of interbank fund transfers were channelized through NEFT(National Electronic Fund Transfer) mechanism. Under NEFT, the transactions were processed and settled in batches. So, it didn’t offer a real time service. RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement) was launched to provide interbank fund transfers in real time. Further, IMPS was launched on 22nd November

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  • Best Mozilla Firefox addons
    3rd July 2011 No Comments

    1.Adblock Plus: Adblock Plus (ABP) is an extension available for both Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox users.It allows users to prevent the display of advertisments. Adblock blocks HTTP requests according to their source address and can block IFrames, scripts, and Flash. 2.Flashgot:Flashgot extension for firefox provides the links of video and audio clips to be

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  • Google Plus
    3rd July 2011 No Comments

      Google entered the world of social networking  with the launch of Orkut in Jauary 24,2004.Facebook another social networking site was launced in Feb 2004.Over the years, we have seen that Facebook has taken over orkut  in terms of number of users. Google plus has been launched by google to take on facebook now.I have explored the

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  • Microsoft Word :Things you may not know
    25th June 2011 No Comments

    1. Paste Special-Whenever, you copy something from internet use paste special and select paste as an unformatted text.This will paste the text in the format of your document.A very good option to use, if you pasting something from internet.(Ctrl+Shift+S). 2. Format Painter: Another very good option to use.Format Painter allows to set the format of

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  • Manage Slow/Weak Internet Connections
    15th April 2011 No Comments

    Suppose you have setup multi-homing and one of your internet connections is from an ISP which provides you with a broadband connection and the other is a slow dialup connection. Now,if you are using a dialup then your heavily loaded browser with lots of addons will take more time to load a particular site.You need

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  • Fiction turned into Fact: 3D Television
    15th April 2011 No Comments

    Television, like most technology, has evolved since its debut. First, there was the switch from black and white to color TV. Then manufacturers began to offer televisions in larger formats using various projection methods. Over the last two decades, we've seen LCD and plasma technologies advance to the point where you can go out and

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  • Enhance your browser capabilities with Greasemonkey
    14th April 2011 No Comments

    Greasemonkey scripts can make your browser very powerful.You can go to userscripts.org and then search by tag which will get you to the right script. For eg. Facebook,gmail,google. Also it is recommended that you read the review before installing a particular script. Every script comes with the source code, so if u have to build

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  • What Next For Indian IT Industry
    11th April 2011 No Comments

    The last decade saw the tremendous growth of a sector in India which expertly utilized the talent pools across the globe and picked up the right set of people at low cost. The Indian IT Industry which contributes to 5.19% of country’s GDP and employees more around 2.5 million people was born in 1967 with

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  • IP Tables by example
    24th February 2011 No Comments

     I have taken created a LAN between Windows( Host) and a Ubuntu VM(Guest).The Ip address of VM is and that of host is note that IP’s should be in the same subnet for a LAN connection). Iptables is a user space application program that allows a system administrator to configure the tables provided

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  • Virtualization Software
    3rd February 2011 No Comments

    There are commercial products like VMWARE  available to support virtualization. But there are various Open Source tools available that give similar features to the commercial products.Virtualization has been like a revolution and has reduced the cost of the company greatly and virtualization is a part of cloud technology, that makes it a technology to watch out

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  • Cloud Products
    7th August 2010 No Comments

    In this tutorial we describe various products which are based on the cloud technology.  Panda Cloud Antivirus –The first of its kind, Panda has launched an antivirus based on the cloud technology.It is very light weight as the setup file is only about 237 kb odd and during installation only, it downloads other modules which are

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  • Windows Intune:Cloud management
    10th April 2010 No Comments

    The problem with enterprise-class software is that you need an enterprise-class IT department to run it. For small businesses, many useful features of Windows Enterprise edition are too expensive to use. The PC's in the smaller organizations are thus managed inefficiently with inconsistent results and thus the burden on IT-Staff increases to clean up messes

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  • Bloom Box Energy:New energy source
    1st January 2010 No Comments

      While most of us were still celebrating Sachin’s amazing feat, there was a celebration of a different kind going on at Silicon Valley. eBay’s headquarters played host to the unveiling of energy startup Bloom Energy’s – Bloom Box!.Bloom Box is supposed to be a new type of fuel cell and has been nicknamed -’Power

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  • Disable Unwanted Windows XP Services
    1st January 2010 No Comments

      XP has tons of services enabled by default. By knowing what these services do , you can really speed up your system by disabling the ones you don’t need.Many services can be modified to increase the speed of your system.   If you ever find something not working correctly, you should reset it. However,

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  • PIC Microcontrollers
    16th May 2009 No Comments

    The PIC Microcontroller Family


    The PIC microcontroller family is manufactured by Microchip Technology Inc. Currently

    they are one of the most popular microcontrollers, used in many commercial and industrial

    applications. Over 120 million devices are sold each year.

    The PIC microcontroller architecture is based on a modified Harvard RISC (Reduced Instruction

    Set Computer) instruction set with dual-bus architecture, providing fast and fl exible design

    with an easy migration path from only 6 pins to 80 pins, and from 384 bytes to 128 kbytes of

    program memory.

    PIC microcontrollers are available with many different specifi cations depending on:


    • Memory Type

    – Flash

    – OTP (One-time-programmable) …… READ MORE

  • Code Optimization
    1st March 2009 No Comments

    Introduction A number of guidelines are available for C code optimization, there is no substitute for having a thorough knowledge of the compiler and machine for which you are programming. Often, speeding up a program can also cause the code's size to increase. This increment in code size can also have an adverse effect on

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  • Vulnerability Assesment and Penetration Testing
    1st March 2009 No Comments

      Vulnerability Assesment and Penetration Testing   There are hundreds of free security tools available on internet.Here I will try to give a comprehensive list of set of security tools which can serve the complete puropse of Vulnerability Assesment and Penetration Testing.Vulnerability assesment involves finding the known/unknown vulnerabilities in a computer systems or a network.Penetration

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  • PCI Gen 3
    27th February 2009 No Comments

    The PCI-SIG, an industry organization dedicated to developing and enhancing PCI/PCI Express (PCIe) technology, has successfully developed the PCI, PCI-X and PCIe Gen 1 and Gen 2 interconnect protocols and promoted the deployment of these technologies since PCI's inception in 1992.

    In early 2008, the PCI-SIG announced the establishment of a workgroup chartered with the development of the next generation of PCIe " the PCI Express Base Specification 3.0, or PCIe Gen 3.

    The Gen 3 specification is yet another step forward in enhancing the usefulness of the PCIe protocol by doubling the effective bandwidth and adding protocol enhancements to increase end-system performance.

    Leading up to this development, IBM and Intel in 2006 launched an initiative called Geneseo, proposing extensions to the PCIe protocol for high-performance computing and visual processing.

    Recommendations from this initiative were provided to the PCI-SIG as potential PCIe protocol enhancements. In addition to the adoption of Geneseo, several other engineering change notices (ECNs) were released by the PCI-SIG, providing enhancements for the efficiency and usefulness of the PCIe protocol.


  • Difference Between CPLD and FPGA
    27th February 2009 No Comments

    FPGA-Field Programmable Gate Array and CPLD-Complex Programmable Logic Device– both are programmable logic devices made by the same companies with different characteristics.

    • "A Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) is a Programmable Logic Device with complexity between that of PALs (Programmable Array Logic) and FPGAs, and architectural features of both. The building block of a CPLD is the macro cell, which contains logic implementing disjunctive normal form expressions and more specialized logic operations".


    • Granularity is the biggest difference between CPLD and FPGA.
    • FPGA are "fine-grain" devices. That means that they contain hundreds of (up to 100000) of tiny blocks (called as LUT or CLBs etc) of logic with flip-flops, combinational logic and memories.FPGAs offer much higher complexity, up to 150,000 flip-flops and large number of gates available.


  • How Programmable Logic Works
    27th February 2009 No Comments

    How Programmable Logic Works

    In recent years, the line between hardware and software has blurred. Hardware now engineers create the bulk of their new digital circuitry in programming languages such as VHDL and Verilog. This article will help you make sense of programmable logic.

    A quiet revolution is taking place. Over the past few years, the density of the average programmable logic device has begun to skyrocket. The maximum number of gates in an FPGA is currently around 500,000 and doubling every 18 months. Meanwhile, the price of these chips is dropping. What all of this means is that the price of an individual NAND or NOR is rapidly approaching zero! And the designers of embedded systems are taking note. Some system designers are buying processor cores and incorporating them into system-on-a-chip designs; others are eliminating the processor and software altogether, choosing an alternative hardware-only design.

    As this trend continues, it becomes more difficult to separate hardware from software. After all, both hardware and software designers are now describing logic in high-level terms, albeit in different languages, and downloading the compiled result to a piece of silicon. Surely no one would claim that language choice alone marks a real distinction between the two fields. Turing's notion of machine-level equivalence and the existence of language-to-language translators have long ago taught us all that that kind of reasoning is foolish. There are even now products that allow designers to create their hardware designs in traditional programming languages like C. So language differences alone are not enough of a distinction.


  • Modern Engineers
    25th February 2009 No Comments

      Introduction In the days of modern means of obtaining information ,Anyone with amost no knowledge can write code. Even teenagers can sling gates and PAL equations around. What is it that separates us from these amateurs? Do years of college necessarily make us professionals, or is there some other factor that clearly delineates engineers from hackers? With

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  • Introduction to Microcontrollers
    25th February 2009 No Comments


    A microcontroller is a computer with most of the necessary support chips

    onboard. All computers have several things in common, namely:


    •  A central processing unit (CPU) that ‘executes’ programs.
    •  Some random-access memory (RAM) where it can store data that is variable.
    •  Some read only memory (ROM) where programs to be executed can be stored.
    •  Input and output (I/O) devices that enable communication to be established


    with the outside world i.e. connection to devices such as keyboard, mouse,

    monitors and other peripherals.

    There are a number of other common characteristics that define microcontrollers.

    If a computer matches a majority of these characteristics, then it can be

    classified as a ‘microcontroller’. Microcontrollers may be:



  • Principle of Electronics
    25th February 2009 No Comments

    Atoms and electrons

    Everybody knows about atoms and electrons don't they? Well we could skip this part but of course we won't because you will likely learn something new.

    Electron theory states all matter is comprised of molecules, which in turn are comprised of atoms, which are again comprised of protons, neutrons and electrons. A molecule is the smallest part of matter which can exist by itself and contains one or more atoms.

    If you turn on a light switch for example you will see the light bulb (globe) glow and emit light into the room. So what caused this to happen? How does energy travel through copper wires to light the bulb? How does energy travel through space? What makes a motor turn, a radio play?

    To understand these processes requires an understanding of the basic principles. For the light to glow requires energy to find a path through the light switch, through the copper wire and this movement is called electron flow. It is also called current flow in electronics. This is the first important principle to understand.


  • Electromotive Forces
    25th February 2009 No Comments

    Development of Electromotive Force

    •  Faraday's Law 
    •  Application of Faraday's Law 
    •  A Single Coil DC Motor 
    •  Motor Constants 

    Faraday's Law

    In the early 1830’s, Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry independently discovered the relationship between changing magnetic fields and induced EMF in circuits. If B is the flux density of a constant magnetic field and a conductor is moved through this field at a velocity V, an EMF E is generated in the conductor such that: 

    If the conductor is part of a complete electrical circuit with a resistance R, then the EMF will produce a current in the conductor such that: 

                                                                         I = E / R = B x V / R

    The development of an EMF in a conductor moving in a magnetic field is the principle on which many types of tachometers are based. By using the commutation 
    techniques described in the next section, a rotary device can be constructed which has, as its input, a rotary mechanical motion and, as its output, a voltage proportional to that input rotational velocity. Another specific application of Faraday’s Law is used in electric motors. That is, if a conductor of length L carrying a current I is placed in a magnetic field B, a magnetic force F is created such that:



  • DC Motor Calculations
    25th February 2009 No Comments


    Motor Calculations

     •  Calculating Mechanical Power Requirements 
         •  Torque – Speed Curves 
         •  Numerical Calculation 
         •  Sample Calculation 
         •  Thermal Calculations 

    Calculating Mechanical Power Requirements


    Physically, power is defined as the rate of doing work. For linear motion, power is the product of force multiplied by the distance per unit time.

    In the case of rotational motion, the analogous calculation for power is the product of torque multiplied by the rotational distance per unit time.



  • How to Select a DC Motor
    25th February 2009 No Comments

    How To Select A DC Motor

    Selecting a DC motor for a particular application can be a rather involved process . Hower, it is often useful to be able to "ballpark" a motor selection on one's own. A few rules relating to the physics and the practical application of motors should be kept in mind.
    The major constraint on motor operation is thermal in nature. The heat a motor must dissipate can always be calculated as follows: 

    Heat dissipated = current through the motor squared, multiplied by the terminal resistance. 
    The current through a motor is solely determined by the torque the motor produces. Current and torque are related by the torque constant of the motor.  

    Current through motor = torque produced divided by the torque constant

    Further Considerations:


  • DC Motor Guide
    25th February 2009 No Comments

    DC Motor Application Considerations

    Audible Noise

    Audible noise is a concern in some types of motor applications. In many medical applications like infusion pumps or prosthetic devices, the patient can be very sensitive to the noise disturbance. Good design practice requires that the noise be limited as much as possible. In large machines, the combination of hundreds of DC motors and gears operating simultaneously can be very loud and distracting to the employees who have to work in close proximity to the machine.

    Quality Components: Probably the best method of insuring low audible noise in motors is to specify quality components. Motors using cheap or poorly fitted bearings are more likely to be noisy. Poorly designed or loose fitting brush sets can contribute to audibly noisy commutation. Manufacturers of inexpensive, high volume motors cannot reasonably be expected to concern themselves with quiet operation beyond some minimum standard, and the use of such motors in applications where quiet operation is important should be considered carefully. The designer must consider whether low cost takes precedence over quiet operation in the priorities of the customer.

    Bearing Choice: The use of ball bearings without pre-load is a potential source of audible noise. Where the specific application permits, ball bearings should be pre-loaded. This means that the balls will not be able to move axially in the race and cause the minute intermittent rattling that can sometime be associated with unpreloaded ball bearings. Smaller ball bearings can be sensitive to heavy shaft loads. They are easily damaged during press fitting added components and by short radial or axial overloads. Care should be taken not to exceed the shaft loading ranges specified in the datasheets. A damaged ball bearing can be a significant source of audible noise and can effect motor life.


  • Stepper Motors
    25th February 2009 No Comments

    Stepper motors


    Stepping motors can be viewed as electric motors without commutators. Typically, all windings in the motor are part of the stator, and the rotor is either a permanent magnet or, in the case of variable reluctance motors, a toothed block of some magnetically soft material. All of the commutation must be handled externally by the motor controller, and typically, the motors and controllers are designed so that the motor may be held in any fixed position as well as being rotated one way or the other. Most steppers, as they are also known, can be stepped at audio frequencies, allowing them to spin quite quickly, and with an appropriate controller, they may be started and stopped "on a dime" at controlled orientations.

    For some applications, there is a choice between using servomotors and stepping motors. Both types of motors offer similar opportunities for precise positioning, but they differ in a number of ways. Servomotors require analog feedback control systems of some type. Typically, this involves a potentiometer to provide feedback about the rotor position, and some mix of circuitry to drive a current through the motor inversely proportional to the difference between the desired position and the current position.


  • The C and C++ Trivia
    2nd January 2009 No Comments

    If you're anything like me, when you run into a little programming problem you just trot down to the library and pick up a couple of books/manuals on whatever it is you need to master. Do a little reading and POW! You've got the tools you need. When I ran into problems with my first

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  • Servo Motors
    1st January 2009 No Comments


    Servo Motors

    Servo Motor


    These are another kind of DC motors ,but with a built in gearing Feedbck System. These servo motors come in many varieties and can from  0 to 180 degrees. Some rotate through a full 360 degrees or more.

     They are extremely popular with RC plane,boat and Robots with precision handling like arms and legs.

    And most of all these do not need any motor drivers circuits

    A thing to note is that  servos are unable to continually rotate, meaning they can't be used for driving wheels. There is a modification provided to do so at Society of Robots

    Method to Drive a Servo


    The servo normally has Three wires with it. Connect the black wire to ground, the red to a 4.8-6V source, and the yellow/white wire to a signal generator (such as from your microcontroller). Vary the square wave pulse width from 1-2 ms and your servo is now position/velocity controlled.


  • Free Softwares
    1st January 2009 No Comments

        Here we plan to list and describe some of the free  & unknown software that can be used in place of famous & properitory software. OpenOffice-Openoffice is substitute to Microsoft office.It is open source and cross-platform. Gimp/GimpShop– A substitute to Adobe Photoshop which is an image editing tool. OpenLazio– An Adobe Flash like software

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  • Compiling Linux Kernel
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    Linux is an open source operating system.Linux is free.Linux being open source gives us advantage of customizing the linux and creating our own version.Various flavours of Linux have already evolved.Eg. Ubuntu evolved from Debian.Edubuntu(Educational version of Ubuntu) evolved from Ubuntu. To customize linux we have to tinker with source and recompile the kernel. Below are

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  • Top Tools of Hacking
    1st January 2009 No Comments

      1. Nmap I think everyone has heard of this one, recently evolved into the 4.x series. Nmap (”Network Mapper”) is a free open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, although it works fine against single hosts. Nmap uses raw IP packets in novel ways

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  • Electronics
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    Military equipment, toys, communication, home electronics, computing, cars, satellites and others. This is only a partial list of products, which contain electronics.

    Actually electronics won our world. We wake up with the ring of electronic clock, drink coffee from a electronic coffee machine, work with computers, learn by using video conferences, listen to the music from a sound system and go to sleep while adjusting our electronic watch for tomorrow morning.

    It is hard even to think that only a hundred years ago our world seemed different at all from this point of view. But how did the electronics revolution begin? Which research and discovery was the basis for this modification? Why was it so fast, relatively to other developments in history? Let us Try to Answer these questions.

    Theoretical and experimental studies of electricity started in the 18th and 19th centuries enabled the development of the first electrical machines and the wide use of electricity. During that time the first theory was founded and the rules of electricity was formulated. The event of identification of the electron in second half of 19th century by the English physicist J.J. Thompson and the measurement of its electric charge in 1909 by the American physicist A. Millikan were the point of turning the electronics evolution separately from that of electricity. Another coarse of interest to electronics was the observation of the American inventor Thomas A. Edison. He noticed that the current of electrons would flow from one electrode to another, if the second one was with relatively positive charge. This discovery led to the development of electron tubes. Electron tubes became very useful for manufactory at that time. X-ray tube, the radio signal detectors and transmitters, and the first power systems were based on electron tubes. The development of the vacuum tube and later the three-electrode tube by adding the grid between the anode and the cathode (Negative and positive electrodes in the tube) improved the characteristics of the tube by far and made it more useful for different electronic applications.


  • Create your own Webserver
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    You may have come across several websites on the internet,they run on a webserver.A Web server is a computer program that delivers (serves) content, such as Web pages, using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), over the World Wide Web. Generally to create webserver either Apache or IIS is used.Apache is a free software under GPL

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  • OS Fingerprinting
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    Introduction When exploring a network for security purposes, you usually want to know more than the bare IP addresses . Sometimes you may find a printer or sometimes a router ,telephone PBX,Windows Destop or Linux Server.If you know the version of OS or other details then it may be useful for determining vulnerabilities with respect

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  • Nmap
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    Nmap has been created by Fyodor.It is a major security tool.The Nmap includes features like port scanning,TCP Scan,UDP Scan,Syn Scan,OS Fingerprinting.   In this article we will cover some basic nmap features:   First go to nmap.org and download nmap & install it. Then go to command prompt & type nmap. This will show you

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  • Mount Linux Partition
    1st January 2009 No Comments

      In Linux you can mount a partition by giving the mount command.   Eg. mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/c   This means that the device /dev/hda1 can be accessed from the /mnt/c directory.But instead of typing this again and again every time we log in. There is a better solution.We put this in /etc/fstab. So that

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  • Document Management
    1st January 2009 No Comments

      Nowadays everybody uses computers.Some use it for educational purposes,some for playing games,for business purposes etc.People do need to create different documents from time to time. So Document Management and a Faster searching of documents is a must.   Whenever you create a document or any file then name it properly.Dont give too long names

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  • Spotting Fake torrents
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    Many people use torrents nowadays for sharing and downloading movies,software,ebooks etc.There are many clients like BitComet,BitTorrent,Utorrent available. There are many sites like pirate bay.org,btmon.com available.But there are many fake torrents right on net right now.Half the torrents are malware scams, like the WinZix. The ones that are more annoying, though are the ones where you

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  • Googling with Google
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    Google is the best search engine but do we really know how to use it? Or to Harness its full power?Perhaps not.This article will exactly show you to do the same. First go to Internet Explorer or Firefox and type in www.google.com These are some things that you should always follow;-   Always type in

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  • Using technology to improve English
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    English is a global language.So,proper command over english is a must in your overall development and grooming your personality.Good English doesnt cover just fluent speakers but it covers various aspects,such as vocabulary,pronunciation,grammar,articulation,proper gestures.The major areas where you need to work upon to improve your english is honing your reading and listening skills.Writing comes as by

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  • Cloud Computing
    1st January 2009 No Comments

        Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like a public utility.It is a virtual computing service that is hosted on the internet. The concept of cloud computing was introduced by Amazon.   So this a great change from client-server model.Details are

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  • Some Obscure Dos Commands
    1st January 2009 No Comments

      1.ATTRIB: This is used to change the file directory attributes.The attributes include hidden,read only,archive. Go to command Prompt. c:\>type attrib and press enter, this will show files with their attributes. S- System File R-Read Only H-Hidden A-Archive Type attrib + <attribute> file/directory name to set up an attribute. Type attrib – <attribute> file/directory name

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  • Google chrome features
    1st January 2009 No Comments

    Google chrome is the new kid in the block among big names like Firefox,Safari and Internet Explorer.It is an open source(BSD License),cross platform web browser that has been developed by google.It uses the WebKit layout engine(Engine specifically developed for rendering web pages.).The code has been written in C++.It comes in around 50 languages including hindi.The

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  • Software Licensing
    28th December 2008 No Comments

      A software license is a legal instrument governing the usage or redistribution of software. All software is copyright protected, irrespective of whether it is in the public domain. A typical software license grants an end-user permission to use one or more copies of software in ways where such a use would otherwise constitute copyright

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  • Uninstall IE
    28th December 2008 No Comments

      Microsoft Internet Explorer is the browser with lion's share in the market but other browsers like mozilla firefox and Opera are definitely better.I myself hate Internet Explorer.So Lets learn how to uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer.   * Click Start, and then click Control Panel. * Click Add or Remove Programs. * Scroll down to

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  • Useful Network Tools inside Windows
    27th December 2008 No Comments

       Ping: Ping is generally used to determine whether the remote host is up or not.  Type ping <hostname> or IP address  If no packets are lost in sending or receiving then the remote host is definitely up.  eg. ping www.google.com  The default packet size sent & recieved is 32 bytes.  Now lets modify it a

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  • YPOP:Configure Yahoo with Outlook
    27th December 2008 No Comments

      Yahoo Pop does not allow free pop3 access. By pop3 I mean the post office protocol 3 which allows you to receive messages from your email server/email service provides to your own desktop through clients like outlook express & Eudora Pro. If you use the outlook you will be free from hassle of logging

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  • Increase XP Speed
    27th December 2008 No Comments

      There are various ways to increase Win XP speed.In this article, we list a few of them.   1> Disable Extra Startup There are certain programs that Windows will start every time you boot up your system, and during the startup phase, they're all competing for a slice of your CPU speed. Extra or unwanted items in

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  • Configuring your router for Bit Torrent Client
    27th December 2008 No Comments

    You may be using the torrent software/client like BitComet,BitTorrent etc. To download the files from the torrent sites. May be sometimes you may not be getting the apt speed acc. To your bandwidth.Well there can be many reasons for this:- i) The firewall may have blocked your torrent client. ii)There may be problem at your

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  • Create Windows Live CD
    27th December 2008 No Comments

      We will learn to create bootable Windows CD/DVD by using the software Bart PE Builder.I have used microsoft XP as an example for this article.   You must have a minimum of 500 MB space. Download the latest PE Builder version and do the installation. Start PE Builder. Now PE Builder will ask to search

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  • A faster windows Vista for You!!!
    26th December 2008 No Comments

    Windows Vista has some new security and functional features with superior, elegant and beautiful visual experience, such as Windows Aero Glass Transparency effect, Flip 3D and etc. But to have and enable all these features, there is price to be paid, as there is limitation to the capability of computer on how fast it can

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  • IT
    25th December 2008 No Comments

      Information technology (IT), as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware." IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and securely retrieve information. Today, the term information technology has ballooned to

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  • Technology
    25th December 2008 No Comments

      Technology is a broad concept that deals with an animal species' usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects an animal species' ability to control and adapt to its environment. Technology is a term with origins in the Greek "technologia", "τεχνολογ?α" — "techne", "τ?χνη" ("craft") and "logia", "λογ?α" ("saying").However, a strict definition

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  • Wolfram|Alpha – a novel way of searching
    25th December 2008 No Comments

      Wolfram|Alfa is a novel & innovative approach to search, and is self-described as a computational engine. It is an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data, rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that might contain the answer as a search engine would.The Wolfram|Alfa

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  • E-Tailing
    25th December 2008 No Comments

        WITH the economic slowdown many retailers who preferred having a physical presence are looking to go online at minimal costs and keep the cash registers ringing. Compared to a traditional brick and mortar storefront which has a commercial address and where customers can transact face-to-face,an e-commerce store is a relatively small, convenient and

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  • The Initiative
    23rd December 2008 No Comments

    Happy New Year to all. Christmas just passed a few days back. The New Study reveals that the we might be celebrating Christmas on the wrong date all the time. The Actual Date being on 17th June. True or Joke ????? Time will tell. The point is that , from proving that earth is circling

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