Month: May 2009

Month: May 2009

PIC Microcontrollers
16th May 2009 Uncategorised admin

The PIC Microcontroller Family


The PIC microcontroller family is manufactured by Microchip Technology Inc. Currently

they are one of the most popular microcontrollers, used in many commercial and industrial

applications. Over 120 million devices are sold each year.

The PIC microcontroller architecture is based on a modified Harvard RISC (Reduced Instruction

Set Computer) instruction set with dual-bus architecture, providing fast and fl exible design

with an easy migration path from only 6 pins to 80 pins, and from 384 bytes to 128 kbytes of

program memory.

PIC microcontrollers are available with many different specifi cations depending on:


• Memory Type

– Flash

– OTP (One-time-programmable) …… READ MORE

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