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IP Tables by example
24th February 2011 Uncategorised admin

 I have taken created a LAN between Windows( Host) and a Ubuntu VM(Guest).The Ip address of VM is and that of host is note that IP’s should be in the same subnet for a LAN connection). Iptables is a user space application program that allows a system administrator to configure the tables provided

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Virtualization Software
3rd February 2011 Uncategorised admin

There are commercial products like VMWARE  available to support virtualization. But there are various Open Source tools available that give similar features to the commercial products.Virtualization has been like a revolution and has reduced the cost of the company greatly and virtualization is a part of cloud technology, that makes it a technology to watch out

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Cloud Products
7th August 2010 Uncategorised admin

In this tutorial we describe various products which are based on the cloud technology.  Panda Cloud Antivirus –The first of its kind, Panda has launched an antivirus based on the cloud technology.It is very light weight as the setup file is only about 237 kb odd and during installation only, it downloads other modules which are

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Windows Intune:Cloud management
10th April 2010 Uncategorised admin

The problem with enterprise-class software is that you need an enterprise-class IT department to run it. For small businesses, many useful features of Windows Enterprise edition are too expensive to use. The PC's in the smaller organizations are thus managed inefficiently with inconsistent results and thus the burden on IT-Staff increases to clean up messes

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Bloom Box Energy:New energy source
1st January 2010 Uncategorised admin

  While most of us were still celebrating Sachin’s amazing feat, there was a celebration of a different kind going on at Silicon Valley. eBay’s headquarters played host to the unveiling of energy startup Bloom Energy’s – Bloom Box!.Bloom Box is supposed to be a new type of fuel cell and has been nicknamed -’Power

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Disable Unwanted Windows XP Services
1st January 2010 Uncategorised admin

  XP has tons of services enabled by default. By knowing what these services do , you can really speed up your system by disabling the ones you don’t need.Many services can be modified to increase the speed of your system.   If you ever find something not working correctly, you should reset it. However,

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PIC Microcontrollers
16th May 2009 Uncategorised admin

The PIC Microcontroller Family


The PIC microcontroller family is manufactured by Microchip Technology Inc. Currently

they are one of the most popular microcontrollers, used in many commercial and industrial

applications. Over 120 million devices are sold each year.

The PIC microcontroller architecture is based on a modified Harvard RISC (Reduced Instruction

Set Computer) instruction set with dual-bus architecture, providing fast and fl exible design

with an easy migration path from only 6 pins to 80 pins, and from 384 bytes to 128 kbytes of

program memory.

PIC microcontrollers are available with many different specifi cations depending on:


• Memory Type

– Flash

– OTP (One-time-programmable) …… READ MORE

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Code Optimization
1st March 2009 Uncategorised admin

Introduction A number of guidelines are available for C code optimization, there is no substitute for having a thorough knowledge of the compiler and machine for which you are programming. Often, speeding up a program can also cause the code's size to increase. This increment in code size can also have an adverse effect on

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Vulnerability Assesment and Penetration Testing
1st March 2009 Uncategorised admin

  Vulnerability Assesment and Penetration Testing   There are hundreds of free security tools available on internet.Here I will try to give a comprehensive list of set of security tools which can serve the complete puropse of Vulnerability Assesment and Penetration Testing.Vulnerability assesment involves finding the known/unknown vulnerabilities in a computer systems or a network.Penetration

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PCI Gen 3
27th February 2009 Uncategorised admin

The PCI-SIG, an industry organization dedicated to developing and enhancing PCI/PCI Express (PCIe) technology, has successfully developed the PCI, PCI-X and PCIe Gen 1 and Gen 2 interconnect protocols and promoted the deployment of these technologies since PCI's inception in 1992.

In early 2008, the PCI-SIG announced the establishment of a workgroup chartered with the development of the next generation of PCIe " the PCI Express Base Specification 3.0, or PCIe Gen 3.

The Gen 3 specification is yet another step forward in enhancing the usefulness of the PCIe protocol by doubling the effective bandwidth and adding protocol enhancements to increase end-system performance.

Leading up to this development, IBM and Intel in 2006 launched an initiative called Geneseo, proposing extensions to the PCIe protocol for high-performance computing and visual processing.

Recommendations from this initiative were provided to the PCI-SIG as potential PCIe protocol enhancements. In addition to the adoption of Geneseo, several other engineering change notices (ECNs) were released by the PCI-SIG, providing enhancements for the efficiency and usefulness of the PCIe protocol.


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