Month: July 2013

Month: July 2013

To Boldly Go where no Man has gone before.
14th July 2013 Uncategorised admin

Man has ever been researching and inventing since it came on Earth.

Till now , he has unmasked many secrets that has clouded humanity , developed many cures , found out new methods , elements and ways things can happen

Our This Subsection focuses on thses inventions , ongoing research and how World is Changing every Second with these innovations

We would bring you facts that would not believe but are happening and true.

Stay Tuned !!!!!!!!!!!

14th July 2013 Uncategorised admin

Gadgets… for everything… They have become a companion we cant live without.

Whatever we want to do , there is a gadget to make our life simpler , and The Comminunications World has been engulfed with their presence and connecting millions across the globe 

We at Techamor , Understand the importance of knowing what is in the Market , and how it can help you achieve your goals in terms of hapiness , productivity and ofcourse , FUN !!!!!

We would be posting here , latest in Market and What to buy and what to Stay away with.

Reviews and Suggestions and Some Facts you wont know from Anywhere

Stay Tuned !!!!!!!