Document Management

Document Management
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Nowadays everybody uses computers.Some use it for educational purposes,some for playing games,for business purposes etc.People do need to create different documents from time to time.

So Document Management and a Faster searching of documents is a must.


Whenever you create a document or any file then name it properly.Dont give too long names but name it properly.For eg. 'Suppose you are wrtiting a letter for taking a leave from school' then name could be leave letter or leave letter to school.Dont give too long names.Save it in a proper folder or heirarchy of folders like my->letter.Save the folder in my documents or any other place but dont save it in desktop.Having too many items on desktop is a sore to the eye and makes your computer a little slow.


Whenever,keeping documents keep it sorted for better management & ease of search.Search criteria can be anything like name,date modified etc.Sorting can be applied by mouse right clicking and then selecting sort by name or any category.


Always index the drive for a faster search.For,XP and below version users go to control panel and click on Prog install/uninstall then click on add remove windows components.Then tick on indexing services and click ok.Vista has indexing enabled.Also one can use 3rd party desktop searching tools like google desktop.


This concept of folder arrangement has transformed into management by use of labels/tags.For eg I write a letter for 'renewal AMC contract' then i may associate tags like AMC,Contract with the file.Now suppose there is another file such as 'AMC airconditioner'. I may tag it as AMC,airconditioner.Now if search within tags AMC,my search results will list us both two files.Vista does provide in with the tagging facility but only tags microsoft products.


Taggedfrog is free software that allows us to add tags.The GUI is pleasing and application is easy to use.You can tag whole folder.Or you can right click any file and click on add Tags…It also allows auto-tagging but it is not recommened.


We have been using tagging in web applications(feature is known as taxonomy, which is in lots of content management systems) and now its the time to use it for Desktop purposes for better document mangement.



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