Drupal Modules to make a good Website

Drupal Modules to make a good Website
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Drupal is a popular php based content management system.It gives you power to develop quick websites and also enough flexibility to customize websites according to your needs.Apart from core modules (modules are piece of code which extends Drupal’s functionality)which are an integral part of a Drupal Installation.There are a few modules which give you an enriching experience when you use Drupal and help you to build a complete website.

1.Views: This module allows you to customize how the content as a list in a page or block is presented.You can compare it will SQL View, the query can displayed in any manner.Moreover views can be themed and customized too.


2.CCK: Content  Creation Kit allows you create custom fields to a node, so in a way you can create and customize your own content type.CCK allows you create a custom field such as hyperlink,filenode,email etc.You can use CCK with Views.


3.Wysiwyg:It stands for ‘What you see is what you get’.It allows you to use client side editors like FCK editor,TinyMCE editor, to edit and format the content.


4.IMCE  with IMCE Wysiwyg API Bridge :Your site will look bad without images ,IMCE is an image uploader.IMCE Wysiwyg API Bridge integrates IMCE with Wysiwyg, so that you upload through Wysiwyg.


5.FeedAPI:You would definitely like to integrate RSS feeds from other websites to your websites.The FeedAPI module provides you the same functionality.


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