Enhance your browser capabilities with Greasemonkey

Enhance your browser capabilities with Greasemonkey
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Greasemonkey scripts can make your browser very powerful.You can go to userscripts.org and then search by tag which will get you to the right script. For eg. Facebook,gmail,google. Also it is recommended that you read the review before installing a particular script.

Every script comes with the source code, so if u have to build a script of your own, you can try by modifying some existing scripts.

Some of the cool scripts are :(Firefox only)

Gmail sound notify:plays a sound whenever you receive a new email.

Google Account Multi Login: Allows to manage multiple accounts in gmail and switch accounts.

Facebook Unfriend Finder: Allows you to find your traitor friends and pending friend requests.

Better Tube:Provide download links to download videos from youtube,dailymotion etc.

AutoForm Filler::Tired of filling forms again and again?Then this cool greasemonkey script can help you.

AutoPagerize:It’s a script that enables infinite scrolling on websites like Google.com,Digg,Fickr so that clicking on next button again and again can be avoided.It actually saves your time by automatically preloading and appending the next page to the current page

FFixer: FFixer is the tool by which you can configure what to display on facebook home page or what not to display.You can hide annoying ads, Farmville requests,chat,poke section etc. So experience a more powerful Firefox with Greasemonkey

Remove Facebook Adds:It removes facebook advertisments.

YouTube AutoBuffer:Auto-buffers youtube video without manual interruption.

Greasemonkey addon for firefox can be downloded from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/

Greasemonkey for Chrome

1. First install recent build of chrome.

2. Start chrome with –enable greasemonkey flag or type in cmd /path/chrome.exe –enable greasemonkey flag.

3.Copy *.user.js to c:\scripts directory.

4.Click Install, right click and “Save as…”, rename so it’s not just “26062.user.js” and save in the C:\scripts\ folder and you are done.

5.Enjoy Greasemonkey in Chrome.

Greasemonkey for Opera

I found a useful tutorial to use greasemonkey in chrome here. Visit this link http://my.opera.com/Contrid/blog/2007/02/11/how-to-greasemonkey-in-opera.

Greasemokey for Internet Explorer

Well, Greasemonkey scripts can be used with Internet Explorer too.Visit http://www.ghacks.net/2008/11/16/install-greasemonkey-scripts-in-internet-explorer/ for more details.

Learning to build your own Greasemoney Script

Well, there are lot of tutorials available on the web , i found this one very useful.Its starts with a simple hello world and takes you up to build more comples scripts.


Greasemonkey scripts do enhance your browsers capability.If you know javascript then making Greasemonkey scripts would be an easy task for you.If you dont know the best way is to take an existing script and tinker with it.Greasemonkey scripts are created by users, so some malicious users may post in malicious scripts to harm users.So, read in the reviews before installing and using any greasemonkey script.


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