Free Softwares

Free Softwares
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  Here we plan to list and describe some of the free  & unknown software that can be used in place of famous & properitory software.
  1. OpenOffice-Openoffice is substitute to Microsoft office.It is open source and cross-platform.

  2. Gimp/GimpShop– A substitute to Adobe Photoshop which is an image editing tool.

  3. OpenLazio– An Adobe Flash like software that supports .swf files.

  4. Avast/Avg-Avast and Avg are good & free alternativates to paid Norton Antivirus,Mcafee etc.

  5. Itunes: Free audio player from apple that supports mp3,wav,wma.

  6. QuickTime-Free video player from apple that supports .mov.

  7. Klite-Codec Pack– The free Audio/Video Codec Pack that allows you to play almost all files.

  8. Firefox-The undoubtally the best browser which is free.(alternative to Internet Explorer.)

  9. Opera-The browser which is rival of Firefox.

  10. Mozilla Thunderbird/Eudora– An alternative to MS Outlook.

  11. Mysql-A free alternative to manage database, replacement to suites like Oracle.

  12. IrfanView-A free Image Managing Tool.

  13. 7Zip/PeaZip-A free Zip/UnZip Utility.

  14. Ranish Partition Manager/GParted-Free Partition Manager

  15. IrfanRecorder/CDRao-Free CD/DVD Burning Software.

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