Global Positioning System

Global Positioning System
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GPS  or Global Positing System allows you to locate any position in the world by the use of satellite.GPS can help you to locate a friends address or your favourite restaurant near you or a movie cinema.GPS operates by the use of radio waves.

To understand GPS better it  can be divided into these three segments

Space Segment

The satellite should spaced such that any GPS receiver could receive a signal from atleast four of the above satellites.The satellites convey the satellite location,the time and date when the request was sent and information required by the GPS receiver.

Control Segment

This segment is responsible for checking the health of the satellite and monitoring its orbital information.The control stations constantly monitor the satellites and sends the report to the master control station.

User Segment        

This consists of GPS receiver at the user’s which receives a signal from the satellite.


GPS is used in car navigation system.You can feed the start and end points and GPS system takes care of the rest.GPS could be used to find earthquake and disaster prone areas.Mineral rich areas in a demography could also be predicted using GPS.


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