Google chrome features

Google chrome features
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Google chrome is the new kid in the block among big names like Firefox,Safari and Internet Explorer.It is an open source(BSD License),cross platform web browser that has been developed by google.It uses the WebKit layout engine(Engine specifically developed for rendering web pages.).The code has been written in C++.It comes in around 50 languages including hindi.The browser is one of the fastest and uses techniques like DNS prefetching to render the pages quickly.


The features include:


1.Eye candy interface with themes to improve the look further.

2. Light Browser taking up lesser RAM and HDD space.

3.Integrated address Bar with google searching(You type anything in address bar and you can see a google page getting opened up.The same feature is available in Firefox as Omnibus.

4.No Menubars and only the few buttons around the address bar provides it a neat and clean look.

5.Bookmark Manager,Synchronizer,Password storage manger(The feature is also available in firefox.)

6.You can the browser in Incognition mode (ie. When you enter this mode,the browsing history will not be stored.)The similar feature is available with firefox's Private Browsing feature.

7.You can add on many Extensions.Some of the popular Extensions are:

               Mouse Gesture: Allows you to control the chrome functionality by mouse gestures.

               AddBlock Plus:Helps you to block the unwanted advertisments.

               Google Translate Extension: Allows the user to translate any page by just clicking the gadget.

8.It has very nice and quick download manger with the download getting started at the instance you click it.

9.It has inbuilt tool to view css stylesheet.(Similar to Firebug extn. In firefox.).To do so right click on any page and click on inspect element.

10.It is secure and doesnt allow harmful scripts to be run in the computer and doesnt allow the files to be stored in windows critical locations.

11.It warns the users of the suspecious sites as it downloads the lists of the blacklisted sites.


It is sad that with the advent of such good browsers like Firefox & Chrome,people are still stuck up with up the abhorrent IE.Its time to change your browser if you havent done it yet.

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