Operating Systems of Future

Operating Systems of Future
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Ever thought of what Operating Systems will be like in future?For predicting future, we always have to look at present, because our present decides our future.Operating systems started with Disk operating system which was single user,Character User Interface operating system.Unix was created by some geeks to provide multiuser interface.GUI based OS was produced in large scale by Macintosh in 1984.The GUI based OS were popularized by Microsoft,with their series of Operating Systems Win 3.1,Win 95,Win Xp,Vista,7.Now we are expecting windows 8 soon!.Windows 8 will not require a hardware upgrade and will  run on smartphones,tablets ,along with personal computer.May be OS in future will run on almost all the hardware.

Few years back, the website hosting required large dedicated servers which were costly and required lots of maintenance,but now with the advent of cloud computing combined with virtualization,the website hosting has become cheap and affordable.A recently launched Chrome CR-48 notebook ,contained chrome OS in which most of the applications are stored on cloud and you need an internet connection to access them.Apple OS now can be installed over Wifi.So, may be after some years we may be boot the OS using our ISP’s data connection.Computers of the future will run faster.This may be enhanced with the help of GPU’s(Graphical Processor Unit). A project called KPGU is already trying to use CUDA(parallel computing architechture)to accelerate the core parts of Linux Kernel.

Fifteen years down the line we may have a processor in each and every device with the OS be it watch,car,airconditioner etc.

Today when we talk about memory, we mean RAM,and when talking about storage,it means hard-disk.Memristors have been created to bridge this gap of volatile and non-volatile memory.Memristors have high storage capacity at 100 gigabits per cm square.Memristors could be used to replace disk drives and DRAMs.

OS of the future will be intelligent.Wouldnt it be good,if you open your computer one day and it will tell you that today is your parents anniversary.Then,it may suggest some anniversary cards to be sent.So,it will understand the behavior of the user and predict needs accordingly.

Lastly,The OS of the future will display 3D images in Air.(Have you seen Iron Man?).In this technology laser plasma is used to display 3D images in a space which has nothing but air.


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