The Initiative

The Initiative
23rd December 2008 No Comments Uncategorised admin

Happy New Year to all. Christmas just passed a few days back. The New Study reveals that the we might be celebrating Christmas on the wrong date all the time. The Actual Date being on 17th June. True or Joke ????? Time will tell.

The point is that , from proving that earth is circling the sun to a lot of other things , A lot of misconceptions and Myths have been proved wrong by Science.

It will be no surprise if anything new is found challenging our very own beliefs of modern Science. The Star trek Age is not far now. This can go a lot faster , inventions can accelerate. What is slowing them Down ??? Its the Involvement of people. The number of Research and Developers are far low as compared to the total working force.

The reach of the Technological Aspects to the people are still less causing slowdown in the development of Technologies and unless technology is shared and more minds applied to it, progress will be slow as usual.

This Task gets Difficult with people who want to do business with what they know, They want the technology to be their monopoly ,and only who pay can get it, and they should have no rights to modify or research on it.

So is this Initiative, Techamor means love for Technology, We here believe that Technology is for Development of Society ,and it should not be kept to someone for some personal interests With this site ,we promise that we will provide you with the best of what we know and can gather for you, so that you never have to search for some other place again for some technology that u desire.

If it exists , we will try our best to bring it to you. Keep Visiting ..Enjoy and share…

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