Using technology to improve English

Using technology to improve English
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English is a global language.So,proper command over english is a must in your overall development and grooming your personality.Good English doesnt cover just fluent speakers but it covers various aspects,such as vocabulary,pronunciation,grammar,articulation,proper gestures.The major areas where you need to work upon to improve your english is honing your reading and listening skills.Writing comes as by product of these skills.This article focuses on how to use technology appropriately to improve your english.To improve your reading skills,one should be an omnivorous reader.He should read variety of stuffs.He should read newspapers,magazines,novels etc.With the advent of technology ,particularly after the portable document format books were available in the form of document known as ebook.

There are many free available ebooks in the internet.You can google for that.Whenever searching for pdf file add the tag filetype:pdf .For eg. If I want to search for ebook 'Interpretation of dreams',I will type in interpretation of dreams filetype:pdf,this tag will return me all the entries that have .pdf as an attachment.


There many .pdf search engines available:-






Also you can get a lot of content from which is an online encyclopedia. If you read such stuff your english definitely improves.There are also various videos available in which are highly educational.Now there is a site which provides live streaming of content there are sites like where teacher can upload their videos.Many newspapers are also coming in epaper form some of them which are free llike ,Many of the news channels are available live for free like ndtv,cnn-ibn.Also various webinars(web seminars) are being organized time to time.Many sites offer you free webinar hosting such as are various book sharing sites like scribd in which you can upload your ebooks and share existing ones.


There are various cms available which are specially used for promoting teaching like moodle.There are availabilities of dictionaries like wordweb which is free and offers the meaning of the word along with phonetics and usage.By using google tag define also you can search for the meaning of the word . Eg define:condone.

There are many free online dictionaries available too.Also there are phresal dictionaries available too which allows you to search for a particular phrase.Using all these thing will save your lots of time and will increase your productivity.Some sites also offer daily crossword puzzles and word games.The dictionaries are available for mobile too. Our word application do have the inbuilt dictionary and it highlights the improper word or its usage.

So technology is a great help in grasping things quickly and provides a platform by which we can learn in a better manner.By 2020 we should see the end of the class based learning.Promote learning using technology so that it can accessible everywhere.



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