Configuring your router for Bit Torrent Client

Configuring your router for Bit Torrent Client
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  1. You may be using the torrent software/client like BitComet,BitTorrent etc. To download the files from the torrent sites.

  2. May be sometimes you may not be getting the apt speed acc. To your bandwidth.Well there can be many reasons for this:-

    i) The firewall may have blocked your torrent client.

    ii)There may be problem at your ISP's side.

    iii)Your listen port may not be open

  3. In this article we will see how to solve problems that are of the type three.

  4. In Bit torrent client like (BitComet).(I have used BitComet as an example here.) you may see a yellow light at the right corner of your software.

  5. This shows that your listen port is blocked.

  6. To see the listen port go to Tools-> option & and see the listen port.

  7. This listen port is very important for having better download speeds and it should remain open.

  8. Now we need to do some settings in our Router/Modem so that the listen port does not remain blocked.

  9. Check your IP by typing ipconfig at the command prompt.

  10. See the IPV4 entry,in my case it is

  11. Now open your browser and type

  12. You will prompted for username & password.Your ISP will be able to tell your Router/modem's password & username.

  13. Fill the desired username & password.

  14. Now in the left hand side where there are menus, click on advanced set up->NAT.

  15. Now add the listen port which you had earlier penned down.

  16. Add the IPV4 Address which you had noted down earlier as the server's address.

  17. Now the listen port will not remain blocked. The yellow light showing the status of the listen port will turn green which means that listen port is no longer blocked.

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