Create Windows Live CD

Create Windows Live CD
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We will learn to create bootable Windows CD/DVD by using the software Bart PE Builder.I have used microsoft XP as an example for this article.


  1. You must have a minimum of 500 MB space.

  2. Download the latest PE Builder version and do the installation.

  3. Start PE Builder.

  4. Now PE Builder will ask to search for windows installation files. If you don't have your windows XP setup/installation files on your system , you can use original XP cd.Some users may think that files at c:\windows or c:\winnt (windows 2000) are the installation files.But that is wrong. The part BE builder require the files from I386 folder.It searches for that.

  5. Click "yes" to start searching.

  6. Click the "Burn to CD/DVD" option. ". Select your CD writer device .

  7. Hit the "build" button. PE Builder will now ask you to create a BartPE directory".So create a directory in which the partBE build will be stored.

  8. The license for your Microsoft Windows XP product is shown. Read it and agree to it to continue.

  9. PE Builder will now start building.
    Lot of files will get copied and decompressed, the ISO image will be built and the data will be recorded to your CD/DVD writer.
    If the data verification was correct and there were no errors reported you can boot the CD/DVD!


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