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Google Plus
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Google entered the world of social networking  with the launch of Orkut in Jauary 24,2004.Facebook another social networking site was launced in Feb 2004.Over the years, we have seen that Facebook has taken over orkut  in terms of number of users.

Google plus has been launched by google to take on facebook now.I have explored the Google plus yesterday, and I will be sharing with you its pros and cons.

Many features of google plus has been copied from facebook.But its not a rip off as some people might say.

Google plus has a sleek and pleasing UI.On of the core features is creating circles,similar feature to creating groups in facebook.Circles can easily managed ,and gmail contacts can drag and dropped to create a circle.Circle can be a circle of friends,family,acquantaince.You can also create your own circle.

You don’t have to explicitly add a person as a friend and then put him in a group, you can directly put him a circle of your choice.Unless,that person adds you to his circle, the posts  will be sent to his email address and not to his wall.

Sparks allow you to get feeds of your interests(computer) to your wall.

Hangout is the killer feature of google plus as allows many users to engage in video chat simultaneously.

Google has ‘+1’ button similar to like button in facebook.You can also ‘+1’ any website too,during google search you get recommendations according to you interest.

Another feature  is called “Huddle”. It’s essentially a group messaging app that works across Android, iPhone, and SMS to allow you to communicate with the people in certain Circles.

Also you can export your contacts to a .zip file which facebook doesn’t allow.

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