Microsoft Word :Things you may not know

Microsoft Word :Things you may not know
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1. Paste Special-Whenever, you copy something from internet use paste special and select paste as an unformatted text.This will paste the text in the format of your document.A very good option to use, if you pasting something from internet.(Ctrl+Shift+S).

2. Format Painter: Another very good option to use.Format Painter allows to set the format of one text /paragrah on other text/paragraph.(Ctrl+Shift+C). Suppose a text has font size 12,font type-Times New Roman and is in Bold.Now, you want the same settings to be applied on another piece of text.This can be done by Format painter.

3. Merge Two Documents:Go To Reivew option on menu bar.Then click Compare->Combine.

4. Build Table of Contents Page:Go to References->Table of Contents.Before that, arrange your content by giving them proper Heading and Sub-Heading,Heading 1,Heading 2,Heading 3.

5. Working with Shapes:To insert shapes,go to insert->shapes and choose a shape that you like.After building your beautiful drawing,to work with it easily you can group them.To group shapes together,select all the pieces using Ctrl+Click,then right click and select->Group.To draw a symmetrical shape like circle or a square,press Shift while drawing the figure.

6.Add New Referencing Style(For. Eg. IEEE):

Copy  the new  citation styles to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office10\Bibliography\Style folder if you are using Office 2003

Copy the new  citation styles to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\Bibliography\Style folder if you are using Office 2007

Copy the new citation styles to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Bibliography\Style folder if you are using Office 2010
Restart the Microsoft Word.
Go to References.Choose the style which you want.To add Sources Click on manage sources.To finally insert Bibliography after you have added all the sources then goto Bibliography->Insert Bibliography.
7. Add new font to the Microsoft Word : Suppose you wish to install hindi font in Microsoft word.Hindi fonts can be downloaded at
After downloading the font copy it to Control Panel->fonts folder or \windows\font folder and then you are done.
8.Adding Comments to the text: Comments can be added by going to Review->Comments.
9. Page Borders: Page Borders are generally added when you wish to adornments in your document.To add Page Border go to Page Layout->Page Border.A dialog box will open. Select the type of border you want.
10.Adding Header and Footer: Headers are the things that you add on the top of every page of the document.  Headers may be company logo etc.Footers are things that you add at the bottom of the document eg. name of the report,page number etc.To add Header go to Insert->Header and choose the style of header what you want.To add footer go to insert->footer and choose style of footer you want.
11.Lookup: When you read documents that are not written by you,you come accross various words whose meaning you may not know.Word provides a solution for that.Word has inbuilt theasures and dictionaries loaded.To lookup for any word right click on  that word and select lookup option.
12.Hide page number on the first page : Generally we dont want the page number on the first page.We can do that in microsoft word.In this example I am using Microsoft Word 2007. Go to Page Layout->Footer.Click on design tab.Check mark "Different first page".
13.Hide .exe files in microsoft word: When i try to send any exe files through email providers like gmail,yahoo etc., they dont allow me.There is a risk involved in transferring exe files through email.Still you can transfer the exe files.Ist method is that you can change the extension of the .exe files to any random extension such as 'aaa'. Second method is prepare a .rar archive of that .exe file.Third is open a blank word document.Drag the .exe file into microsoft word file.The exe file will be embedded into the word and then you would be able to send that exe file through gmail.
14.Add Cover Page: Whenever you prepare a report, you may need to create a cover page.In word this feature is in built.To create a cover page goto insert->cover page.Choose the style of cover page you want.
15.Open Word 2007 document in 2003 word: Microsoft latest versions such 2007 & 2010 office are backward compatible with Microsoft office 2003 but vice versa is not true.You cannot open office 2007 word doc in 2003(ie. .docx format).So you need to convert .docx format into .doc format.You can do that going to using save as option. . In File type select "save as(Press F12)  Word 97-2003 " format.
16.Some important shortcuts:
Save As=F12,Ctrl+S->Save,Ctrl+A->Select All,Ctrl+N->New File,Ctrl+O->Open a file.
17.Convert Table to Text and vice versa: You can easily convert text to table and table to plain text.Click on Insert->Table.Choose 'text to table' option.
18. Typing in Hindi in Microsoft Word: Even after you have installed the hindi font in Microsoft word.Then also without a proper keyboard you cannot type in hindi.The solution here is to use a virtual hindi keyboard.This site offers a good  online virtual hindi keyboard. This also offers keyboard in other local languages like Gujrati,Assam,Bengali etc.



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