Mount Linux Partition

Mount Linux Partition
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In Linux you can mount a partition by giving the mount command.


Eg. mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/c


This means that the device /dev/hda1 can be accessed from the /mnt/c directory.But instead of typing this again and again every time we log in. There is a better solution.We put this in /etc/fstab. So that /dev/hda1 is always mounted on startup.


To open fstab file type


vi /etc/fstab


In the first column type the name of the device which you want to mount eg. /dev/hda1


Then in the second column type the name of the of the directory where you want to mount.


Remember the directory name should exist.


In the third column type the file system name.


Like vfat for fat file system

ext3 for ext3

ntfs for ntfs

swap for swap


In the fourth column type defaults

In fifth column type 0

In sixth column type 0


fstab file


When you are done save the file and quit

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