Useful Network Tools inside Windows

Useful Network Tools inside Windows
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 Ping: Ping is generally used to determine whether the remote host is up or not.

 Type ping <hostname> or IP address

 If no packets are lost in sending or receiving then the remote host is definitely up.

 eg. ping

 The default packet size sent & recieved is 32 bytes.

 Now lets modify it a little.

 Ping -l 64

 where 64 is the size of the packet

 ping -t

 This will ping the specified host until stopped. I mean this will keep pinging the host until stopped by Ctrl+C.



 Netstat- Netstat displays protocol statistics and the current TCP/IP network connections.

 Netstat is a good in built tool that comes with the windows.


 -a option displays all connections and listening ports.This will display for TCP as well as the UDP connections.

 -b This is the best option. This displays .exe involved with TCP/UDP connection.

This -b option may be used to detect a trojan horse or a malware.

 There are other filtering options available too.



 Ipconfig – This displays the current IP of the system and its configuration and current network settings

 type ipconfig & press enter.

ipconfig/all displays a detailed information.

 So these are some of the useful network tools that come shipped in with Windows.




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